Transport and distribution

Since 1932, GCA has been creating tailor-made solutions for the transport and distribution of hazardous and non-harzardous products

  • A network of 50 specialised subsidiaries in 11 countries

  • Our own fleet of 4,500 specialised vehicles

  • A network of integrated maintenance workshops

  • Efficient digital solutions

  • Recognized expertise in the transportation of dangerous goods

  • Up to date training of 5,140 employees at the heart of our solutions

  • Multimodal transport, represents 30% of our shipments and is fully integrated into our routing

  • Dedicated solutions : public transport, rental of vehicles with drivers, rental of specific equipment, transport organization cells, auxiliary storage, designing your flows...

705 M€


A network of 50 transport and distribution subsidiaries in 11 countries, and more than 4,850 employees dedicated to this activity.

30 %  

of our shipments are multimodal

1/3 of GCA's shipments are done with combined transport solutions (rail-road or river-road).

90 % 

of our fleet is Euro VI or Euro V EEV

Our fully owned fleet is constantly renewing itself: 4,500 light trucks and tractors of which engines currently run on LNG, electricity and even hydrogen (first truck in France).


Instructor trainers

GCA devotes €4m each year to the training of its employees, of which 15% is in economic driving.



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