GCA Supply 4 Industry and GCA Logistics

With you, upstream and downstream of your logistics production, manufacturing and packaging

  • Adapted and scalable solutions for managing your industrial supply chain

  • Logistic services using our 53 warehouses, or directly in your factories or logistics sites

  • More than 600,000 sqm of warehouse storage space and 18,000 cubic metres of silo storage.

  • Performance management through bespoke digital solutions

  • Recognized expertise in the engineering, design and transport of packaging for fragile or sensitive items.

  • Up to date training for 2,300 employees at the heart of our solutions

  • A team of experts in change management and digital transformation improving our industrial strength and resilience



Specialized in logistics, manufacturing, packaging or engineering



Including GCA sites and in-situ locations (customers')


square meters of storage

Storage of packaged products including 3 sites classified as Seveso for the storage of sensitive materials


cubic meters of storage in silos

For storage of your bulk products and their packaging, in bags or big bags


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