Automotive logistics

Manage the supply chain for your combustion, hybrid or electric vehicles logistics

We are experts in managing all types of vehicles, including both thermal and electric, new or used. This encompasses light vehicles (LV), commercial vehicles (CUV), and heavy goods vehicles (HGV).

Our extensive network of 32 storage sites across Europe enables us to provide efficient road, rail, and sea links to ensure the seamless management of finished vehicles.  Our fleet of 1,200 car carriers is at your disposal for national or international vehicle transport to authorised distributors or end customers. We also offer a customised delivery service called Bring My Car.
Our integrated specialist workshops are dedicated to reconditioning and inspection operations, ensuring vehicle quality and conformity. We are recognised experts in Pre-Delivery Preparation (PD) and Post-Production Preparation (PPP), and we are committed to providing complete, customised solutions. Rest assured that our services will provide an immersive experience for your customers.
Our photo labs specialize in creating 360° animations of used vehicles and we offer digital vehicle tracking solutions to ensure total transparency and keep you informed at every stage of the process. Our expertise in this field guarantees that we will deliver the best results possible.

32  compounds

in Europe

More than 200,000 storage spaces

2.8  Millions

of vehicles transported each year

All types of vehicles (light, heavy, commercial)


car carriers

We have our own fleet of car and HGV carriers


vehicles prepared each year

Preparation, inspection (PDI) or refurbishing in our own workshops

Our areas of expertise


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